Chair:           Graham Rogerson – email:

Vice-Chair: Jonathan Worsley – email:

Councillors:  Ben Wallace – email:

Jane Hill – email:

Terry Kivlin – email:

Clerk:  Caroline Boyden – 07368 861696 email: / website:

Borough Councillor: Jim Moriarty Tele: 07917 591668 / email:

County Councillor: Stuart Dark Tele: 07860256083 / email:

Member of Parliament: James Wild Tele: 0207 219 3000 / email:

Last Election: 2 May 2019

The Parish Council meets every two months at 7.30 pm courtesy of The FFolkes.   The Parish Council noticeboard at the village garage/shop has details of the agendas and minutes. 

To find our Councillors Register of Interest forms please go to the link below and select Hillington from the drop-down box :

Agendas and minutes of meetings are also on this web site.

Meetings 2020:

Tuesday 21st January

March/April – date TBA

Tuesday 19th May  (also Annual General Parish Meeting starting at 7.00pm ) 

Tuesday 21st July

Tuesday 15th September

Tuesday 17th November

Next Meeting Tuesday 21st January 2020

Meetings dates may be subject to change or additional meetings held to discuss extra business 

Members of the public are welcome to attend the meeting and put their views and comments to the Councillors during public participation time.

Councillors are willing to listen to any concerns/issues and any ideas which will benefit the village.

The Parish Council Clerk can be contacted as follows:


Phone: 07368 861696